Monday, July 26, 2010

Trying to Keep My Cool

I've been yelling a lot lately. At this guy, in particular.  

I know, how can you yell at that face, right? I feel awful about it afterwards, of course, but I can't undo it. The horrible relentless heat is somewhat to blame, because we've been marooned inside our air conditioned living room for the last 2 weeks. Luke makes huge messes, seemingly instantly, and spreads them around everywhere - he IS a 3 year old boy, after all. I try to go with it, but sometimes I lose it and lose it hard. We kiss and make up afterwards but I fear the damage my "Mediterranean temper", a term my first boss coined to refer to my hotheadedness, may be doing to our relationship. But Luke innocently finds ways to let me know we're still cool, at least for the time being. Tonight, he was hanging around my neck, literally, and I asked him what was up. He said "I love your neck because it's warm and I love you". He can't be too emotionally scarred if he says things that cute, right? Or when I carry him up to bed after a busy day of running around when he's fallen asleep on the way home. He puts his soft little arms around that neck he claims to love due to its warmness, even in his sleep. Little moves like that let me know that I'm still in good standing with him. But I DO want to stop yelling, or at least yell less (I am a realist). How do you keep your cool when your temper is ready to blow?   

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I've been out of the blogging loop for a long time now...since the end of May. 
I just stopped - stopped writing, pretty much stopped reading other blogs, and stopped twittering. Things were happening and life was buzzing along as it does and I just stopped. I'm getting my groove back now, as things slow down a bit, so I'm jumping in again. I'm working on a post for tomorrow. That's where I start.