Friday, December 4, 2009


You thought this post was gonna be about some crazy pot-smoking related adventure, didn't you?  Sorry, wrong type of blog for that!  I almost titled this "One 'L' of a Cookie" - still confusing, right?  Let me explain...

What I meant was - sometime in the week before Thanksgiving, we baked.  Chocolate chip, I mean cookie.

That's right.  I molded Luke a giant, massive, tremendous cookie in the shape of an "L".  He recently learned how to spell his name, and I wanted to reinforce this.

                                         It's the size of his head!

OK, that's bull.  We were having a great time and I wanted to make something special for him.  He thought the big L cookie was pretty cool.  Then I told him that the cookie was all his, he could actually eat his giant L chocolate-chip cookie.  I don't think he knew that it was actually edible.  He kind of lost his mind when he realized it was all his.  He looked like this: 

Which, of course, makes it all worthwhile.  Until the sugar high Luke got from eating even a corner of this monster cookie faded, and he crashed.  Hard.
Still worth it though.  Look at that smile!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

Sunny day fading into a darkening, chilly sky. Dog snoring on the couch. Baby cozying up to his beloved Pigeon (Bert from Sesame Street, for those of you unaware of my child's name for the bird-lover of the Street gang) in his crib, dreaming of our day spent at music class and the park.  Finally getting around to folding the 65 loads of clean laundry spread out all over the house.  Hubz safely on his way home from another hectic 24 hour shift as one of NYC's Bravest.
Saturday used to be my night to go out, get crazy, dance my ass off and now...this is it.
Suburban life.  Married life.  
Life as a Mother.
Folding laundry on a Saturday afternoon, with no plans of going anywhere.  Unthinkable back in my single days.  But today, this is enough. I'm content. 
Feeling blessed. 


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Autumn Awesomeness Part 1 - 11/7/09

November is a tease. The beginning of the month brings us crisp, cool, sunny weather. Perfect, in my opinion. After a few days of this loveliness, November then kicks us in the balls here in New York by changing overnight into cold, rainy, nasty weather to remind us that winter is on its way...ugh. 
It happened again this year. The past weekend and start of the week were fabulous.  Since I knew these days were numbered, we spent as much time as possible outside. 

 We attempted to glue leaves and construction paper 
onto a bigger piece of paper, 
just for the hell of it.

     Luke prepping his art supplies     (Notice sad Kyle in the background, looking down at his unused frisbee)

Le Artiste

Luke then moved on to playing with his puzzles while enjoying the sun.

Puzzle Master

Watching a ladybug that landed on his puzzle (see my "Ladybug Love" post)

Us in the sun

And yes,

Kyle got some frisbee love.

Ladybug Love - 11/7/09

While we were on our patio, not one but two ladybugs landed near us. I love ladybugs, I consider them signs of good luck, and even have a ladybug tattoo. Luke was both fascinated and freaked out by them being so close to him. 
(what a city boy I have!)

There's one

Watching her crawl on Dada

Big Boy gathers the courage to have the ladybug crawl
 "on my sleeve, not my hand"

We put her in our garden.  
Ain't she pretty?

Autumn Awesomeness Part 2 - 11/8/09

On Monday we took advantage of being together on another glorious Autumn day and headed to a park near the Verrazano Bridge.

My Cutie

Lulie and Dada checking things out


My Boys and the Bridge

Playing on the leafy hill with DaDa

Me and Lukie

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You know this one...

...yes, it's the obligatory introduction post. Hi there, I'm Michele, the Mother Lioness of my Pack; the only female in the house, God help me!

My husband Rich is the Lion in these parts. We've been together for 6 years and live in Staten Island, NY. 

                  Looking good in blue!
While planning our October 2006 wedding, we realized we had a very special guest attending - one not purposely invited but the life of the party, back then & everyday since! Our Cub Luke is now 2 and a 1/2 and is all boy - he's the light and heart of our family, and we can't imagine our lives without him. 

The last member of our pack is the hairiest...even in this Italian household :). Kyle is our dark lion and a pussycat under that big ol' body.

That's my pack! I love them tons and they'll be all over this blog. I tried to keep up with a blog when Luke was 1st born, about our new life with him, but it was too much for me. I am hoping, 2 years later, that I will be better at updating this blog - not because I feel like I need to, but because I want to.

Thank you for clicking here - hope you'll stick around!

Monday, October 5, 2009