Saturday, November 21, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

Sunny day fading into a darkening, chilly sky. Dog snoring on the couch. Baby cozying up to his beloved Pigeon (Bert from Sesame Street, for those of you unaware of my child's name for the bird-lover of the Street gang) in his crib, dreaming of our day spent at music class and the park.  Finally getting around to folding the 65 loads of clean laundry spread out all over the house.  Hubz safely on his way home from another hectic 24 hour shift as one of NYC's Bravest.
Saturday used to be my night to go out, get crazy, dance my ass off and now...this is it.
Suburban life.  Married life.  
Life as a Mother.
Folding laundry on a Saturday afternoon, with no plans of going anywhere.  Unthinkable back in my single days.  But today, this is enough. I'm content. 
Feeling blessed. 



Uncle Joey said...

i love this pic!!

Larissa said...

Very sweet post!