Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me & My Mac: We're Ba-ack!

Soooo....it's been awhile since I've blogged.  I think of blogging often, but somehow get around to doing it less than I want to.  The December holiday craziness didn't help AT ALL, and thankfully that is over for another year.  As things were settling down, my Mac decided I wasn't going to blog for a little while longer, and followed through on that decision by blowing itself up.  On New Year's Eve, this little bitch o' mine sent me 2 giant middle fingers and closed up shop.  I know why, too.

You see, I pushed my Mac too far this past December.  I tried to do as much of the holiday stuff as I could online.  I had anywhere from 2-10 windows open at all times, comparing gifts, prices, etc.  My poor Mac was pushed to its limit, and gave me all it had, but then gave up the fight.  I blame myself. 

My Mac was simply showing me who's boss.  That I may be the one who pushes the buttons, both literally and figuratively, but the Mac, the Mac is truly in charge around here. 

I've learned the lesson, my dear Mac - and yes, have now started sweet-talking it - anything to keep it running smoothly.  Momma hears ya.  

But this lesson didn't come cheap, financially or mentally.  After my husband heroically restored the hard drive (I have no clue how, I just thank God and the dude at Best Buy that worked him through it), we found that we lost about 2 months of information.  Some fantastic internet buddies - especially Adam of www.dadarocks.com - gave me information on trying to restore what we lost, so we'll try those recommendations.  The thought of not recovering lost photos of a friend's wedding, Luke's first airplane ride, his first trip to Florida and Halloween (of course this is the only year I didn't have professional shots done, so I have very few photos of my little Horsie) breaks my heart.  And makes me pissed off that I didn't do more to preserve them.  We're addressing that now, by backing up more on the external hard drive and burning CDs of photos, but the damage is done.

And the Mac? Well, this lil darlin' of mine gets shut down for its beauty sleep every night.  I don't push it to work too hard for too long anymore, and I make more effort to preserve what is precious.  Hmm...a full night's sleep, not being overworked, and taking care of what is loved? Turns out, what is important for my Mac is important to me too. Speaking of what's important to me...

                    xoxo, Momma Lioness Michele


Uncle Joey said...

Amazing as always!

Momma Lioness Michele said...

You're too kind, JoJo...love ya!