Monday, March 22, 2010

3 years ago - Week One

Three years ago, Rich and I had just made it through our first week as parents.  We were shell-shocked by it all: the extreme pain I was in after an emergency c-section, the extreme sleeplessness, the extreme neediness of this little creature who roared his way into our lives on March 14th, 2007.  Our lucky charm Luke was just over six pounds when we brought him home on St. Patrick's Day 2007.  Rich and I could have never, never imagined how such a tiny creature would change our lives so quickly.

Here's Luke on his Birth Day:

                                  Hello, World!

Rich and I went from this:

                The clueless couple on Baby Shower day: 
                            February 17th, 2007
                      (Check out all of our loot!)

To this:

          Kissing our bundle of joy on his one-week birthday: 
                               March 21st, 2007

We SSLLOOWWLLYY adjusted to our new life, our new Luke-revolving world.  It felt like those first days and weeks of figuring out what this tiny but LOUD dude needed were never-ending.  
That time passed in what now feels like an instant.  

Last Sunday we celebrated Luke's THIRD birthday: 
                        My Baby is 3!

                Our Little Dinosaur - He ROARS like his Momma!

Lemme at that cake!
Just as we felt the week of March 14th-March 21st, 2007, every day with this gorgeous, lovable, demanding Little Man is a surprise.  As Luke celebrates his birthday, and Rich and I get used to having a three year old, we also adjust to the wants and needs of a pre-schooler.  Every day is something new.  We treasure this time, because we now know how fleeting it will be.  And how could we not want to hold onto THIS for as long as possible?

   We Love You, Son!
      Thank you for making us parents - you are the BEST!

Momma Lioness Michele


Uncle Joey said...

Can't believe he's 3 already. He's the best.
Amazing post as always...

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