Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sights of Spring

There is a tree around the corner from our house that I keep an eye on as the weather begins to change.  During our walks, I point this tree out to Luke and show him the green buds.  Seeing this tree blossom is truly my first sign that winter is finally, truly over, at least until December.  Getting the first whiff of these magnolia flowers really sets my mind for the renewal that is Spring.  Hope my neighbor didn't mind Luke and I taking these photos!

                                            In all their glory

                                            Al-l-l-most there

Under the Magnolia Tree

Open up and say Ahhh

Aiming up at the Sky

Now that Luke is 3 (my baby is 3! Wow!), there are new Sights of Spring in our life.  Here's the newest one:


           Lukie on his brand-new scooter - Go, Lulie, Go! 
          Thanks Aunt Jen, Uncle Mike, Jenna and Michael!
                               Happy Spring!

                       Momma Lioness Michele                                                


Uncle Joey said...

beautiful! Luke looks so grown up on his scooter!! Love him!

Bridget said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope you're enjoying your relatively pollen-free spring! :-)

Momma Lioness Michele said...

Thank you JoJo - I know, he looks so big!

Momma Lioness Michele said...

Thank you Bridget - I really appreciate the photography compliment, coming from a photo pro like you! When the pollen has us sneezing and sniffling, I will think of you and your pollen snow...ugh. Thanks for reading!

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

So beautiful! I love magnolia trees in bloom, they always make me happy!

Momma Lioness Michele said...

Thank you Elisa - a comment from Zurich, I'm so excited to see this! :) I feel the same way - are there magnolias in Switzerland?

Erin said...

Beautiful!! I grew up in a house with a magnolia tree right outside and so magnolias always mean spring to me.

gorillabuns said...

i feel a totally allergy attack coming on with all the beauty!

Jennifer Rivera said...

I love that he is riding the scooter!!! :)

Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him said...

Awww, Luke looks adorable. Nice photos!