Monday, October 11, 2010

Our baby news that everyone knows already...

Hello out there! So, what's been happening since my last post, when I announced my pregnancy? The most significant thing to report is that we found out our baby's sex at our 20 week ultrasound. Luke will be a big brother to a little BOY!        
I cried tears of shock and Rich nearly cried with joy when we saw the tell-tale peesch on the screen. Nothing about this pregnancy, from how I feel to how I look, has been similar to when I was expecting Luke. But interestingly, during this major sonogram, the first image of this new baby was the same exact one we first saw when we had our 20 week ultrasound with Luke.  This image - which happened to be the view from up between his legs, showing off his goodies so there's no question as to his sex - was honestly the first connection I saw between the 2 brothers. Luke is certainly not shy, and apparently this baby isn't either! The images of this baby's little profile are like seeing Luke's sonogram photos again too - I'm hoping this little guy looks just like his Big Bro, with a chin cleft and big expressive eyes.
New Baby can look like Luke, but we hope this little fella is opposite him as far as sleeping goes - Luke was a horror for the first 2 years of his life. Rich and I hope that the price we paid in lost sleep with Luke is enough to get us some rest this January *fingers crossed*. That being said, I'm a realist - who wants to volunteer to keep their phone on from 10pm-6am for me to call when me and Baby are wide-awake? Anyone?
Now that it's been a few weeks, Luke and I have gotten adjusted to calling the baby a boy (it took awhile for both if us) and we are now focusing on getting our house ready, and finding a name. Luke still insists on calling his brother Bird, which we love. I just passed my 6 month point of pregnancy and am feeling good these days, though huge. Here's my latest prego pic:

Luke, Bird and I trying out the timer on our camera

Baby Boy is jumping and spinning around in there, apparently having a party for one. I love feeling his movements, and now others are able to feel his funky dance moves too, which is awesome. We look forward to when Luke and his Baby Bro are dancing together.


Uncle Joey said...

Love it! Can't wait to meet my fantastic nephew #2!! Luke's gonna be such a good big brother!

Momma Lioness Michele said...

Thanks Josee xoxo
Lukie likes to look through the bazillion toy magazines we get everyday and pick out which toys he wants to buy his little brother - too cute! Of course, he chooses gifts he can play with too :).

Vera @ Lady and the Blog said...

what an exciting time for you!! congrats!