Friday, August 12, 2011

From Daddy to Drake

Drake and Daddy sportin' some shades

Written by Rich: 

Dear Lord in the heavens above
I ask you for a surgical hand with a glove
For our baby has a hole in his heart
And now it needs to be taken apart.

Lord oh Lord in the heavens above
The baby you’ve sent us is very loved
We thank you for him every day 
And we cherish the moments we get to play

The doctors say he’s got something called a VSD
Now, this calls for surgery
Please guide our surgeon with a steady hand 
And the day it’s planned
We thank you for Drake every day
So please, I beg of you to let us continue to play play play.

1 comment:

Uncle Joey said...

Wow. Tears. Drakie is a strong little guy because he comes from two strong and loving people.