Friday, May 14, 2010

Canines for a Cure: Who Let the Dogs Out?

As many of you know, my family is participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Canines for a Cure walk. This one mile walk takes place this Sunday, May 16th, at Belmont State Lake Park in Babylon (on Long Island). This is the first time we are trying anything like this, and I'm excited. I hope our 11-year old dog can handle the mile (and me too! Not exactly in the best shape over here), and that Luke will be relatively good while walking when we begin and eventually being pushed in his stroller by his Nonno. Lukie knows we are walking on Sunday, at what he calls "the park parade", and he knows it's to help sick people. Thankfully, this is the most that Luke knows about what Canines for a Cure is fighting.

We're walking to raise money to fight blood cancer. Every FIVE minutes someone is diagnosed. Someone just got the awful news of a cancer diagnosis within the time I sat down to type and now. Obviously, no one wants their life affected by cancer. But as a parent, just the idea of dealing with my child being sick is enough to make me feel ill. To hear the words "Your child has cancer" is incomprehensible. That's why we're walking on Sunday. Not because I've heard those four life-shattering words (Thank you Jesus) but because NO parent should have to. There is work to be done to remove the word cancer from our vocabulary. Can you imagine a future when our kids don't have to worry about cancer? It's possible. It's what we're walking for.

If you're with me and want to have a hand in changing the future for our families, you can help. Click on my link and donate - even $5 is better than nothing. Have a dog? Come join us! Want to enjoy a beautiful day in the park, with live music and vendors? Come join us! Even without raising a dollar, just showing up to the event on Sunday is supportive of this fight. 


My lazy ass is walking on Sunday to make HIS future better. Who's your inspiration to make a difference, or at least an effort?
                         Momma Lioness Michele

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